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Sarah Batorijs

Many entrepreneurs have great strengths in some areas and weaknesses in others. It can be difficult for you to be objective about your activities. I am an accredited business adviser, with years of experience of working with sole traders and small firms, so take a detached view.

Business advice

My diagnostic skills and a review of your financial position enable us to solve problems and create an action plan to build up your business. I'm not limited to the money side: I believe success depends on market research and well-developed marketing. I will check your business plan or help you write it. This is essential if you're seeking funding: here I have helped many clients succeed.

Financial training

When you're busy, you may not be keen to attend a financial training course if only part meets your needs. We can agree objectives so that I deliver bespoke training for you and your staff: this gives you the maximum benefit in the shortest time.

Areas clients have requested include:

Fellow of Institute of Business Consulting

• Bookkeeping basics
• Understanding accounts or even your accountant!
• Budgeting and forecasting
• Using your accounts to manage your business better